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Why Shawn is running for Mayor

Write in the RIGHT choice for your next Mayor of Vineyard, Utah

Dear Neighbors

I recently had a great conversation with a concerned Vineyard citizen who wanted to make sure she was making a good, informed decision about who to vote for in the upcoming election; I had 3 things I wanted to share as some of you might have the same questions.   

First, we will be holding several neighborhood meetings in the next two weeks and will post dates, times, and locations soon; I will also be participating in the upcoming Mayoral Debate on October 12th.  I would love to meet you at any of these events and answer any questions you have, but I am also happy to chat anytime one-on-one.  My cell phone is #801-376-2245.   

Second, this citizen asked for specific examples of development projects I have worked on in Utah.  In my work as an engineering consultant and owner of a land development company, I have been involved in hundreds of projects of projects across the state over the past 12 years.  A few specific recent examples include Foothill Village and Summit Ridge (Santaquin); Pleasant Heights (Pleasant Grove); The Void (Pleasant Grove); Springside Meadows (Payson); and Ashlee Ridge (Payson).  I am currently working on the Fox Hollow development with Ivory Homes and have also worked with Salisbury Homes for the past 4 years on all of their developments.  I am proud of the work both I and my employees have done in these developments and would invite you to visit any one of them. And to wrap up my second point, I don’t build homes, I simply plan, design and assist in the creation of beautiful development for builders and to be sold to builders.   

Third and finally, this citizen expressed a concern that as a developer and a resource to other developers, that I may have conflicts of interest in serving as a Mayor for Vineyard at such a critical time of development either because of the potential for personal gain or the potential for gain for my colleagues in the industry.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I am running for Mayor of Vineyard because I am a professional developer; not in spite of it.  Were I elected, I believe it would be a complete conflict of interest and unethical to financially benefit from my position.  I do not believe such actions should ever be tolerated in government.  In fact, I have specifically avoided being involved in any development projects in Vineyard because I have not agreed with the way developers have taken advantage of a young and inexperienced city.  Moreover, because of my professional experience, I know exactly how and when we can push back on the current developers who are taking what I see as unfair advantage of this city.  I believe parties who mutually respect each other should be able to work together for the good of both, rather than for the good of the one, and that it is high time Vineyard received more respect, as well as significantly more financial benefits, from the developers who are currently building here.   This is my city and your city.  This is our children's city and our neighbor's city.  It's time all of us in Vineyard stood up to those who have taken and are continuing to take advantage of our beautiful city.   


Shawn Herring Vineyard Mayoral Candidate 


WRITE-IN the RIGHT CANDIDATE for Vineyard's Future


I would like to thank everyone who previously voted for me during the primary election. Based on the support and encouragement from people who voted for me, and even people who did not vote, I am excited to announce that I will be running as a write-in candidate for the Mayor of Vineyard.I feel that the residents of Vineyard deserve to gain further information about all candidates and vote for who they feel would best move Vineyard forward in the future. Vineyard is growing rapidly, and this city deserves a leader that has integrity, trustworthiness, and above all else, leads an administration with openness and transparency.I feel my education, business experience, experience in land development and engineering uniquely qualify me to help make the best decisions for Vineyard's future growth. I would really appreciate your support in November, and I look forward to earning your trust as your Mayor.

Thank you,

Shawn Herring 

Campaign Contributions

Thank you to all those that have contributed to my campaign.  Many have asked what the easiest way to contribute is, so I have set up a Venmo account.  Click the link below to contribute if you would like.

Thank you,

Shawn Herring


Attracting the Right Businesses

 Rather than just listening to the companies, developers, and others who approach us seeking a “good deal” from a young and growing city, we need to go out and recruit the right kinds of companies to come to our community. Shawn and his campaign committee have already reached out to a number of reputable businesses that are interested in bringing not only high-quality jobs and increased tax revenue, but also big brand names and community pride to Vineyard.  

Building for Families

  We are not a commuter city; we are not a college town. We support and are in close proximity to two wonderful universities and that plays a big part of who we are, but at the end of the day our city is about families. Shawn is committed to building a family-friendly Vineyard with businesses, amenities, schools, and infrastructure that will make Vineyard a place you want to stay and raise your family. 

Creating Sustainable Growth

  Too many high-density options, not enough sustainable infrastructure. Parking and traffic issues are issues that need to be addressed now, not in 3 to 5 years. Growth for growth’s sake is not acceptable. We need the right kind of sustainable growth. 

About Me

My background

  • Shawn has been involved in starting and growing multiple companies in Utah over the past 10 years
  • His outlook on development and sustainable growth will help steer The City in the right direction

My top issues


  • Future Growth Priorities
  • Transit and Infrastructure
  • Education System
  • Community Safety
  • Greater Community Involvement

My Profile

Candidate Shawn Herring grew up in the 4-Corners area of Utah. He moved around the US gaining valuable education and career experience as a land planner/civil engineer. 10 years ago, he and his wife moved back to Orem where she was raised and has since built their forever home 2 years ago in Vineyard. Together they have 1 child, 9-year-old Addison, who is a driving factor in Shawn wanting to ensure a brighter future for the City of Vineyard. 

Shawn has started multiple companies in the State of Utah that all center around land development and smart/sustainable growth.  Shawn has served on several boards within Cities, organizations and higher education institutes. 

Shawns desire to become the next Mayor of Vineyard stems from his love of the towns past, present and future. The education system and future growth and expansion around that is one key item he looks forward to working on. The transition from a small town to a thriving City is a concern to all and there is nobody better to help make this transition as smooth as possible. 

You can call, text, email or connect with Shawn on many social media venues listed below. Shawn knows that he is only one voice amongst the thousands of proud residents of Vineyard and wants everyone to feel like they can be heard.  One City, One Goal, One Future!  

Thank you, 

Shawn Herring  

A VOTE for Shawn Herring is a VOTE AGAINST Wal-Mart and all that includes

Research has found that the arrival of Wal-Mart stores was associated with increased obesity of area residents, higher crime rates relative to communities that were not by stores, lower overall employment at the county level, and lower per-acre tax revenues than mixed-use development.

The problem is that Walmart systematically depends on the poverty of communities. While there are many factors that create and sustain poverty in America, counties with a Walmart have a greater likelihood of being low-income, and keeping their residents trapped in that cycle of poverty. If we didn’t have enough reasons to fight against Walmart’s possible inclusion in Vineyard, now we certainly do.  

VOTE for Shawn today and he will attract the RIGHT businesses, because he is the RIGHT candidate!

Let's Protect this Beauty!!

On Saturday, July 22nd, I decided to take a better look at all of Vineyards undeveloped land today! Here are a few pics from my #drone of our beautiful Vineyard City.

#TooMuchHighDensity?? #ILoveVineyard #TimeForAChange 


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